we also had a lot of fun working together on creating a closing credits sequence with background assets from Float Land’s excellent Screensavers VR, photos from their personal archives, and music from child YouTube sensation,
Miu Miu.



︎directed + edited April 2020 

Sarah and Collin adapted their amazing cyberpunk themed wedding after the quarantine order into a collaborative media art extravaganza livestream and I was honored to be commissioned to help them make their digital equivalent of a walk down the aisle video in the form of an update to the classic karaoke music videos of the sunfly era.


covered by Dyllan from the original Kendrick Lamar track. This was an extremely enjoyable experiment in remote directing in which we discussed concepts based on their life together - the USC Rose Garden in LA was the original venue for the in person version of the wedding, and so figured centrally into their shared path to publicly declaring their love. Then I wrote them a shotlist and they amazingly went out and captured all of this great digital era home movie footage for me to cut together. By letting go of production value as a necessary parameter for expression, we all found great joy in allowing the simple act of collaboration in service of celebrating love be our guiding principle.